Wednesday, August 19, 2009

An Unexpected Treasure Chest

Have you ever been asked to come to someone’s house to see a quilt?  You never know what you might see.  I’ve seen old poorly pieced tops that have holes, tears and stains.  I’ve seen quilts that have been used at some point to move furniture or be the bed for the dog having puppies. 

But every now and then you find a real treasure.  This is the case with the quilt you see here.   My mom was at my Great Aunts house and she said, “Come in here, I want toAunt Maggie Barns with her daddy's quilt show you something.”  As my Great Aunt started to pull out the quilt, packed deeply in a cedar chest, she started telling the story of the quilt.   She had gotten it from her daddy, who had gotten it from his Great Grandmother.  (my great aunt is now 89)  She can’t remember when she got it, but said it was probably some time in the 1950’s.  When mom saw the quilt, she asked if she could have it.  My aunt said sure, why not and it is now my mom’s quilt.  Of course I asked to have it next and my daughter will get it when I’m gone and too old to admire it anymore.

Mom is trying to trace back the family tree to find out exactly when my Great, Great, Great, Great Grandma Booth was alive.  We know that it was pre-Civil War and the pattern is called Washington Sidewalk.   It is absolutely fascinating that the maker was so diligent in cutting the fabrics so that strips went in the right direction in all of the pieces.  She also bought yardage for the quilt background. 

If only those threads could talk….What a wonderful family heirloom for a quilting family.   This is 4 generations under a quilt that is at least 150 years old.

Maggie Barnes, Becky Wassum, Winnie McCrary and Tess McCrary


  1. Wow. That IS a treasure! It is absolutely beautiful.

  2. What a wonderful heritage!!! The talent is obviously in the genes!!! Love the old look and the pattern.

  3. All I can say is WOW! Beautiful!

  4. How cool!! What a great quilt and that it has been in the family for so many years.

  5. Mom here, I have to say I did ask nicely. We had actually been talking about what she was going to do with all her thing. She never had any children so she has just been a good aunt to all the family children. When I saw the quilt, that I didn't even know existed, I was just totally surprised and told her I would love to have it one day. Out of the clear blue sky, she said, "just take it now"! I was totally surprised. She know it has been handed down to one who will love and take care of it for future generations.

  6. What a fabulous quilt... a true treasure.

    And it is in perfect condition.

    Sounds like your mom is going to take excellent care of it.

    You are one lucky family to have this as part of your history.

    Cindy Carter
    Quilt Patterns from Seattle