Sunday, October 26, 2008


My husband and I haven't been to an adult movie since "Titanic". We just aren't big movie goers. We have taken the kids to see several over the years and while we do enjoy them, it just isn't something we have ever really done. Even dating, we would rent and watch at home rather than sitting in the theater.
After going out with some friends for supper the other night, we went to the movies. I had never even heard of this one. It hasn't been advertised on TV that I have seen, hadn't heard of it on the movie reviews. So, with no preconceived notions, I was up for a good movie. The movie is
What a wonderful message. It is about a firefighter and his wife going through marriage trouble. In the movie, the husband (Kirk Cameron) thinks that his wife is the problem and she doesn't respect him. What he finds, with the help and guidance of his father, is the true path to happiness is to find happiness in God. With God's love, he then learns how to love his wife unselfishly.

This is a great movie for all couples. If you have problems in your marriage or not, we can all make improvements in how we show our love to our spouses and at the same time, honor the covenant we made with each other. This in turn honors God.


  1. We went and saw that movie several weeks ago. We are not really movie goers bug we had been hearing great things about it. We took our adult daughter with us. It is a very good movie, the message is great. Welcome to the the blogging world and thank for the welcome you sent me.

  2. Just wanted to say congratulations on your long arm. I am sure you become very accomplished using it.

  3. I want to see this one, too. I've heard great things about it, thanks for the recommendation!

  4. i have seen a few ads about this and it looks this kirk cameron......thanks for the heads up about it.