Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The New addition

Back before Christmas, I made my first attempt at machine quilting. It was a learning quilt for me. The blocks were my first BOM, my first machine piecing, my first queen size quilt, then the first time I tried to machine quilt. A QUEEN SIZE!!! What was I thinking? I did pretty good with the "in the ditch" quilting. Straigth lines really weren't that bad. Then the meandering around the setting triangles, still not too bad. But then the inside squares were a nightmare for me.

I had toyed with the idea of getting a longarm for a while. Test driving them at the quilt shows, then in the local shops really gave me the bug. That little nagging that just wouldn't go away. On Good Friday, I made a date with the only local Gammill rep for NC. The husband wanted to know, "Just how big is this thing, really?" Well, he saw impressed with what he saw and gave me the go ahead.

While in Paducah in April, I was able to test drive all of the different brands of machines in one location. I highly recommend this approch. It is jsut like test driving a new car. You need to feel the power of the machine in your hands. Feel the responsiveness in the curves. Feel the braking power.

In June, I received my Gammill Premier Plus, her name is Maxine. We have already become very close. I could hardly wait to load the first quilt. Of course the it was the 'learning' quilt that I had started before Christmas. (Still untouched) Yet another learning experience. I had no desire to just pantograph the thing. I wanted to drive Maxine on the open road. It felt good.

I'm sure I'll have more to say about Maxine as I continue to post, but that is enough for now. The quilt you see here is that learning quilt. It is named "Baskets of Knowledge".

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